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EU  TRACEABLE CALIBRATION                                           Thermometers are calibrated in thermostated baths in comparison
                                                                                                          with an Official Master.
                                          CERTIFICATE                                                     Hygrometers are calibrated by comparison with a standard in a
                                                                                                          chamber with stable hygrometry and temperature.
                                          with Traceability Guarantee                                     Hydrometers are calibrated by comparison with a standard of the
                                                                                                          same sensitivity and the same diameter, in an uniform and stable
                                      The thermometers displaying this symbol can be delivered            liquid temperature.
                                      with a Traceable Calibration Certificate with Traceable
                                      Guarantee.                                                          Digital thermometers are controled at 2 standard temperature
                                      Usually this concerns all normalized items with an individual       points 0°C and 100°C (except for 91000-069/CC-ca, which
                                      number.                                                             have control points at -18°C and 0°C)
                                      The Traceable Calibration Certificate by ALLA FRANCE is             If you want to control your instruments at different points,
                                      recognized in 72 countries worldwide.                               you must mention the desired control temperature .
                                                                                                          Digital hygrometers are controled at 2 standard humidity points :
                                      Each Traceable Calibration Certificate is recorded in our database  35% HR and 70% HR .
                                      with the following information:
HACCP                                                                                                     A GUARANTEE OF TRACEABILITY
TRACEABLE CALIBRATION CERTIFICATE     Ÿ Calibration date                                                  Standards are connected to a National Calibration Channel of
                                      Ÿ Re-control date                                                   one of the signatories of the Mutual Recognition Multilateral
                                      Ÿ Calibration temperature                                           Agreement MLA(*) as agreed by the EA(*) (European
                                      Ÿ Immersion of the instrument                                       cooperation of Accreditation).
                                      Ÿ Individual instrument number
                                      Ÿ Individual Certificate number                                     The traceability of our standardization is recognized by the
                                      Ÿ Official Master used traceable to                                 signatories of the MLA (Multilateral Agreement) and of the MRA
                                                                                                          (Mutual Recognition Arrangement).
                                         BNM-COFRAC, PTB-DAKKS/DKD,
                                                                                                          The reported expanded uncertainly of measurement corresponds
                                         UKAS/NAMAS, NIST, GOST, INMETRO...                               to a coverage probability not less than 95%. Standard
                                                                                                          uncertainties were calculated according to ISO GUM (Guide for
                                          140018                                                          the Uncertainty Measurement).

                                                                                                          (*) For more information on the EA, MLA, ILAC countries
                                                                                                          signatories visit:




                                                                                                          More information ?

                                                                                                          Go to:


                                                                                                          Page > Certification

                                                                                                          How to obtain the Traceable  EU

                                                                                                          When passing your order mention
                                                                                                          the article’s reference number followed by
                                                                                                          the letters .../EU

                                                                                                          Exemple :
                                                                                                             91000-022/CC-ca (without certificate)

                                                                                                             91000-022/CC-ca /EU (with certificate)

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