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                AND LOW TEMPERATURE

                In order to preserve vitamins and trace        Usually, sous-vide cooking is done at low temperatures.
                elements, both essential for good health, you  Depending on the nature of the food, the cooking
                need to avoid long or high temperature         temperatures can be different:
                cooking, or even cooking directly in water.
                                                               80 °C to 100 °C for vegetables and fruits,
                                                               60 °C to 90 °C for fish, seafood or terrines,
                                                               80 °C for white meat, poultry and some sensitive fish,
                                                               60 °C à 70 °C for red meats.
                                                               The cooking times are therefore regular and long.

VACUUM COOKING                                                 The advantages of vacuum cooking are multiple:
                                                                        -The product loses little weight
                                                                        -sous-vide cooking retains the nutritional and
                                                                         organoleptic qualities of the product;
                                                                        - the cooking is homogeneous;
                                                                        - it is possible to heat the product without altering it


                                                               IMMERSION ELECTRIC THERMOMETER
                                                               for VACUUM COOKING

                                                               Digital display : 0+95°C / (203°F)
                                                               Display resolution : 0.1°C
                                                               Accuracy : ±0.5°C
                                                               Functions : Alarm and temperature settings
                                                               Timer - Backlight
                                                               Stainless steel circulator
                                                               Flow rate: 10 liters/minute
                                                               Cable : 125 cm
                                                               220 - 240V / 50Hz / 1300 W
                                                               In box with instructions.

                                                               KEEPS THE WATER
                                                                 AT CONSTANT

                         ONLY FOR DOMESTIC USE

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