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EU  TRACEABLE CALIBRATION                                           Thermometers are calibrated in thermostated baths in
                                                                                                          comparison with an Official Master.
                                          CERTIFICATE                                                     Hydrometers are calibrated by comparison with a standard of
                                                                                                          the same sensitivity and the same diameter, in an uniform and
                                          with Traceability Guarantee                                     stable liquid temperature.

TRACEABLE CALIBRATION CERTIFICATE     The thermometers displaying this symbol can be delivered            Digital thermometer are controled at 2 standard temperature
                                      with a Traceable Calibration Certificate with Traceable             points 0°C and 100°C (except for 91000-069/CC-ca,
                                      Guarantee.                                                          which have control points at -18°C and 0°C)
                                      Usually this concerns all normalized items with an individual       If you want to control your instruments at different points,
                                      number.                                                             you must mention the desired control temperature .
                                      The Traceable Calibration Certificate by ALLA FRANCE is
                                      recognized in 68 countries worldwide.                               A GUARANTEE OF TRACEABILITY
                                                                                                          Standards are connected to a National Calibration Channel
                                      Each Traceable Calibration Certificate is recorded in our database  of one of the signatories of the Mutual Recognition
                                      with the following information:                                     Multilateral Agreement MLA(*) as agreed by the EA(*)
                                                                                                          (European cooperation of Accreditation).
                                             Ÿ Standard or norm specification
                                             Ÿ Calibration date                                           The traceability of our standardization is recognized by the
                                             Ÿ Re-control date                                            signatories of the MLA (Multilateral Agreement) and of the
                                             Ÿ Calibration temperature                                    MRA (Mutual Recognition Arrangement).
                                             Ÿ Immersion of the instrument
                                             Ÿ Individual instrument number                               The reported expanded uncertainly of measurement
                                             Ÿ Individual Certificate number                              corresponds to a coverage probability not less than 95%.
                                             Ÿ Official Master used traceable to                          Standard uncertainties were calculated according to ISO GUM
                                                                                                          (Guide for the Uncertainty Measurement).
                                                 BNM-COFRAC, PTB-DAKKS/DKD,
                                                 UKAS/NAMAS, NIST, GOST, INMETRO...                       (*) For more information on the EA, MLA, ILAC countries
                                                                                                          signatories visit:





                                                                                                          More information ?

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                                                                                                          Page > Certification

                                                                                                          How to obtain the Traceable  EU

                                                                                                          When passing your order mention
                                                                                                          the article’s reference number followed by
                                                                                                          the letters .../EU

                                                                                                             91000-022 (without certificate)

                                                                                                             91000-022/EU (with certificate)

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